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An Open Letter to Moms

A response to the murder of George Floyd:

I initially wanted to launch my blog by penning an open letter to new moms. I remember when I became a new mom. I needed to hear reassurance from a voice that I could relate to, and I struggled to find it. Although I understand the need for that reassurance, right now I am pained with the need to reassure all mothers. 

While many of us are hurting by what we’re witnessing in the news, we still have to be mommy. We have to carry the pain and anxiety with us while we make lunches, kiss boo-boo’s and read bedtime stories. We have to stay strong for the little ones who are looking up to us. Struggling to find the time to shower (let alone get an actual break), when we finally get a chance to take a moment for ourselves, we turn on the tv or scroll through our timelines feeling frustrated, anxious, confused, saddened and hopeless

Hopeless, because although things have gotten better in some ways, in many aspects things are just the same as they were decades ago. Hopeless for many reasons, but mainly because this is the reality that our children have to grow up in; and unfortunately, if things don’t change, our grandchildren and great grandchildren too.  

Although it shouldn’t, it does. Racism exists, and it is the basis of which this country exists as well. It’s our job as moms to identify it, address it, and explain it to our children.  We are raising the next generation, and with that, we have a responsibility. It’s our duty to teach them not only about racism and the systemic oppression of minorities in America, but also to teach them how to love unconditionally and how to use their privilege to confront bigotry and racism. 

It may seem daunting, but we cannot let another generation come up with the idea that color does not exist. We cannot let another generation come up with the idea that America is a perfect nation, when in fact, it is not. We cannot let another generation come up without knowing how to address and  how to affect real change.  

As moms, we often want to shield our kids from the horrific realities of the world. However, be reassured in knowing that raising your babies to be problem solvers, change agents, advocates for the unheard, productive citizens and just genuinely good people, is one of the many solutions to helping the next generation. 

This isn’t the letter I expected to write upon launching this blog; but this is not the world we expected to raise our children in. Let's remember to teach our children to love everyone and treat all people with respect. I look forward to sharing so much more with you as we work together, as moms to make this world a better place. Oh yeah, this isn't just another mommy blog.


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